Curiosity Healed the Cat


As a species, we are sentient, sapient, self-aware beings.  We aren’t taught as children the importance of this innate gift called curiosity we all possess, much less how to utilize it as a tool to achieve self-actualization, healing and growth. When a person begins to experience what we at Royal Wellness describe as ‘restless stirrings of the soul’, it often makes sense to consider this sentiment that Albert Einstein, likely the most famous scientist known for his genius, creativity and great humanity once shared. Einstein stated;

“The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”



And interestingly, parallel to curiosity being a fundamental premise that underpins scientific investigations on the outer, it also applies to the inner to matters regarding the soul.  At Royal Wellness, we believe that restoring you to your most complete, content and fulfilled self requires that you follow in the minutest detail, this said curiosity as a means towards greater self-understanding and expression of the person you are meant to BE.


You see, individuals are most likely to reach out for help and support when they find themselves at junctures where they feel unhappy, unfulfilled, low in themselves like they are struggling in their relationships and/or trapped in their day to day lives.  This is precisely the point at which we need to begin distinguishing between you the personality and you the Spirit – the true energetic essence of who you are.  


Your personality is the aspect of you that has been moulded by your family members, circumstances and society, and usually, this is some variation on the theme of being a somewhat respectful, respectable and responsible adult.  The thing is that more often than not as you grow up, you are expected to be and live in this certain way without regard for the unique perspectives, passions, sensibilities and skills that make you, YOU.  This means that you, blissfully unaware, end up creating situations, relationships and dynamics that are not a great fit, to the point that your Spirit – the part of you that is a microcosm of universal intelligence – begins clamouring internally for change.  In other words, you are wired to experience discomfort when things are off-kilter between your inner and outer worlds.



Enter Curiosity…

Curiosity is a lot like the fabled breadcrumb trail that Gretel left behind in the deep, dark forest so that she and Hansel could find their way back home.  Your curiosity is actually an ingenious built-in feedback mechanism that helps you move your life over from unconsciously creating your relationships and experiences, into the conscious realm of doing so based on an expanded understanding of who you really are, and how you naturally best express yourself and create your experiences, community and world.  


Questions such as:

Who am I?

What is it that really lights me up and makes me tick?

Why am I here on the planet?

How can I add value to the lives of the people around me?

What are the outer activities and/or interests I am passionate about that I can’t live without?

What are the inner aspects of myself that must have an expression in order that I can feel truly fulfilled?

How do I connect the dots and create a unique blend between these last two?


These are the types of questions that represent different facets of your curiosity and make up your personal breadcrumb trail…the trail that ultimately leads you back to your most aligned, happy, confident, independent, purposeful self. The truth is, however, that they are not easy to answer.  And this is where our highly experienced, professionally trained clairvoyant can sit with you can give you the clarity and understanding you need to be able to start getting clear. 



Einstein also famously stated; 

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”


When you work with our professionally trained clairvoyant, you glimpse nothing short of your Divinity.   Many clients report that while in session and after, they can feel themselves moving into a new frequency of energy where they feel the energy in their cells literally changing vibration and realigning as they speak.  As a result of this, you receive healing so powerful and life-changing because you traverse layers of intense human conditioning (i.e. the embedded fears, blocks, assumptions, beliefs and/or self-doubt that have been causing you to feel uncomfortable and/or trapped in your relationships and situations day to day) to reconnect with the deepest truth and wisdom of your soul. 


Thus by identifying where you are out of alignment on the inner, you are able to quickly, effectively and permanently reverse engineer the outer improvements in your life, relationships and work you want to see… SEE being the imperative word.  In other words, the challenging situations, relationships or dynamics you struggle with within yourself, exist and work precisely because you aren’t conscious of where they came from or how they came to be rooted in your body and/or personal space.  



It is only when you truly begin seeing yourself, who you really are, are you then able to have the clarity required to begin answering the questions above.


At Royal Wellness we are excited to offer you the opportunity to begin this all-important inner work that clients report literally saves them years.  By its nature, it is designed to deliver you safely, and compared to other modalities, relatively more swiftly and directly into the heart of your personal truth. The automatic energetic reset you experience is why it is so common to achieve such drastic, permanent improvements in your relationships, work, sense of well being, quality of life and availability for other opportunities and experiences within a short time. If you would like to learn more about working with our professional clairvoyant to deliberately start changing things for the better in your world, reach out to a member of our team today.


Namaste <3


Caroline B.

Caroline B.

Resident Clairvoyante & Spiritual Mentor | Royal Wellness Group

A professional clairvoyant and spiritual mentor, Caroline helps super smart, soul-driven, successful business owners create deep resolution and healing around the personal issues affecting their productivity and happiness in their lives and work.

These types of issues are largely individual, always with an inner component and can be romantic relationship related, to do with tenuous family dynamics, deep healing processes, spiritual crises, debilitating feelings of self-doubt, guilt and so on. Additionally, they are often issues that clients have been aware have been affecting their ability to feel grounded, settled and self-assured for years but have been unable to unpack using conventional methods.

What makes Caroline's work stand out from other modalities is her ability to hone right into the cause of her client's struggle (after years of struggling she brings them understanding within minutes) and share this not only verbally, but in such a way that she communicates on the deepest, most healing levels of the soul.

She has a BA in Interdepartmental Biology/Chemistry and trained with Francine Marie Sheppard at the Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness and successful author, teacher and researcher Debra Lynne Katz.

Caroline has been working closely with clients in private practice since 2002 and is based on the island of Mallorca (Spain) where she runs a highly bespoke, high-touch boutique style business and serves a global clientele. She is extremely enthusiastic about supporting Royal Wellness clients at depths that transcend traditional modalities and pave the way for extraordinary life change.

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