Wellness Spa


In addition to our exclusive holistic healing spa treatments, Royal Wellness also offers a holistic wellness spa featuring various  pampering treatments sourced from around the globe to create a well-rounded experience for its deserving clientele.

Our approach has been to combine western-style rehabilitation treatments such as athletic massages, along with a vast assortment of holistic body  work such as Royal Ayurvedic Head Massages, originating from various regions in the Orient. With all of our wellness specialists having extensive training in various forms of energy work such as Reiki, the end result is a more personalised and intuitive healing experience compared to a traditional spa specialist. 

Clients are left with a sense of lavish indulgence, as our passionate team of wellness professionals cater to all your physical and mental needs, through deeply relaxing bodywork and pampering fit for Royalty.

For a comprehensive understanding around the various spa treatments to expect during your personalised Royal Wellness retreat programme, please download the detailed Wellness Spa menu below. Given your unique health interests, the holistic specialist assigned to your retreat will prescribe specific therapies to your programme, however please make sure to speak to them about any treatment that may resonate with you upon reading its description, to see if it is an appropriate inclusion for you. 

Have Questions? Please visit our detailed FAQ page.  

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