A comprehensive list of healing body work, energy work, breath work, sound work, sexuality work and traditional Chinese medicine to better assist you in achieving your optimum health goals, both during your Royal Wellness experience and afterwards. These ancient treatments aid in detoxifying your energetic body, silencing the mind and releasing deep emotional blockages oftentimes preventing you from performing at your highest potential.

Our healing services are rendered by some of the most experienced and sought-after holistic specialists in the world; whom are native English speakers, living throughout various regions of the Orient, with a life-long pursuit of further mastering their skills and sincerely offering the world healing.

Clients are left with a sense of bliss and energetic cleansing, as our passionate team of wellness professionals are brought directly to your vessel or estate from around the planet, catering to all your physical, mental and emotional needs, through various alternative and esoteric healing techniques rarely found in the West.

For a comprehensive understanding around the various treatments to expect during your personalised Royal Wellness retreat programme, please download the detailed Healing Spa menu below. Given your unique health interests, the holistic specialist assigned to your retreat will prescribe specific treatments to your programme, however please make sure to speak to them about any treatment that may resonate with you upon reading its description, to see if it is an appropriate inclusion for you. 

Have Questions? Please visit our detailed FAQ page.  

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