Fall Madly In Love With Yourself!


In her Forbes article “Practicing Self Care Is Important: 10 Easy Habits To Get You Started”, Noma Nazish cites reasons such as knowing your worth, healthy work-life balance, stress management, living rather than existing and improved physical health as the reasons why.  If you are reading this, it is likely that you are already familiar with the benefits of looking after, possibly even pampering yourself, but, what if there was a deeper, more intrinsic reason you are wired to seek out self-care?  



What if the pull towards self-care actually stems from the most intimate needs, desires and longings of your soul?


If this were true, it would absolutely redefine not only what you self-selected into as acts of self-care, but more importantly, it would redefine your deep why.


Nazish offers ten small simple self-care habits that anyone can get into:

Go for a run or a light jog.

Meditate or do deep breathing for five minutes.

Take a break when you need it.

Choose who you spend time with.

Laugh heartily at least once a day.

Eat green daily.

Avoid emotional eating.

Start a journal.

Learn to say ‘No’.

Stop overthinking.



And while these are exactly within the scope of her article and concrete examples of how you can indeed begin taking better care of yourself, there is a critical difference between doing any one of these things from a mechanical, mental headspace versus from a deep place of knowing or calling from your soul.  It is decision making from the latter that plants you firmly and sets you off on the elusive path towards true, sustainable life change. If you, like most people have been desiring things such as improved relationships, inner contentment, more meaning, purpose, a better community, more peace, laughter and joy, this is the real importance of self-care.  You must ensure you are not blindly following a prescription and that you are aware and connected to your most heartfelt desires and needs.


As you think about it now, what is your fundamental ‘why’?  What do you desire most in life?  Ultimately, what are you aiming towards?



At Royal Wellness we believe in the holistic care of the individual on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  We believe that these components work synergistically together to animate each individual with a self-awareness captured perfectly by the French philosopher René Decartes in his Discourse on the Method, “je pense, donc je suis” – I think, therefore I am.


It is this same thinking/self-awareness faculty that enables you to plumb the depths of yourself, your emotions, experiences, talents, passions and dreams.  It is what enables you to moment by moment, engage and respond to whatever is taking place in your outer life.  The question is, however, the degree of consciousness — or rather ‘unconsciousness’ — with which you do.  


You see, from the moment of your birth, you have been conditioned by your caretakers and physical environment.  You are a unique hybrid of the swirling complexes of emotions, fears, beliefs, socialisation and past experiences of those entrusted with your care that you unwittingly assume alongside your own inner compass and truth. 


Together, this blend of internal and external perspectives create the perfect storm that gestates then births you, often multiple times, during your time on earth.



So to explore in more detail the notion of ‘unconsciousness’, what we are referring to is the acknowledgement that by your nature, you have – as we all have – to some extent been responding to life through a clouded understanding of who you really are.  You have been, for most of your life, responding to the situations and relationships around you through the filters you have inherited from your parents, teachers, colleagues and friends.  Sometimes these are positive and at other times, they are rooted in outlooks that are fear-based and actually have nothing to do with what you would choose if you were fully aware of your inner knowing and a deep sense of truth.


At Royal Wellness, our programs and retreat offerings are based on the premise that self-care is a tool for growing your awareness of yourself as you strive towards the fullest, most authentic, impactful and meaningful expression possible for you.


This requires that you dedicate yourself to the notion of ‘consciousness’ – deliberate self-discovery and claiming of who you are, separate from the influences you have been the effect of.  The beautiful thing is that this isn’t something you have to ‘try’ to do.  By the time you become a Royal Wellness Client, you would already, on some level, have been aware that you are seeking something deeper, more lasting and meaningful than you’ve been able to find through mainstream avenues.  You would have been hearing and following through on the calling of your deep wisdom – that of your soul.



Royal Wellness’ team of expert practitioners is equipped to provide you with a paradigm shift like none other…a shift away from all the everyday outer distractions and things you have been taught represent your ‘security’ but instead may have been leaving you feeling unsure of yourself, fearful, insecure and unfulfilled.  


At Royal Wellness, we believe that self-care when done with intent and full presence of body, mind and spirit, is a journey that leads you back to your essential self – the only real security there is. 


If you’ve been trying mightily to do all the ‘right things’ in the name of self-care but nothing has shifted on the external, chances are there is an important adjustment within you and your relationship to yourself that needs to take place first.  Our team would be honoured to take a closer look with you at what you’ve been experiencing, and from there, guide you through the sacred process of journeying deeper within yourself.  If you relish and value being held by expert practitioners as they provide you with support and service that is second to none, do enquire with Royal Wellness today!


Namaste <3

Caroline B.

Caroline B.

Resident Clairvoyante & Spiritual Mentor | Royal Wellness Group

A professional clairvoyant and spiritual mentor, Caroline helps super smart, soul-driven, successful business owners create deep resolution and healing around the personal issues affecting their productivity and happiness in their lives and work.

These types of issues are largely individual, always with an inner component and can be romantic relationship related, to do with tenuous family dynamics, deep healing processes, spiritual crises, debilitating feelings of self-doubt, guilt and so on. Additionally, they are often issues that clients have been aware have been affecting their ability to feel grounded, settled and self-assured for years but have been unable to unpack using conventional methods.

What makes Caroline's work stand out from other modalities is her ability to hone right into the cause of her client's struggle (after years of struggling she brings them understanding within minutes) and share this not only verbally, but in such a way that she communicates on the deepest, most healing levels of the soul.

She has a BA in Interdepartmental Biology/Chemistry and trained with Francine Marie Sheppard at the Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness and successful author, teacher and researcher Debra Lynne Katz.

Caroline has been working closely with clients in private practice since 2002 and is based on the island of Mallorca (Spain) where she runs a highly bespoke, high-touch boutique style business and serves a global clientele. She is extremely enthusiastic about supporting Royal Wellness clients at depths that transcend traditional modalities and pave the way for extraordinary life change.

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