Luxury Mindfulness Retreat


The Royal Wellness Luxury Mindfulness Programme helps you cultivate the ancient discipline of yogic practices to recharge your mind, body and soul by enhancing the clarity of thought. All aspects of yourself achieve a heightened sense of balance allowing you to reach true prosperity of health and happiness, to which create a strong positive foundation for a content life.

Traditionally, yoga was practiced and developed to open your body and clear your mind. Allowing you to sit and meditate without dwelling on a stiff back or congestion in your thought process. As well as to free and clear your mind to focus your attention on the deeper imperative questions of life and to seek out the answers.


The word yoga in its literal and deepest translation means to unite with a higher power, whatever that may mean to you. The asanas and postures are the catalyst or a stepping-stone to that bigger picture of being connected to higher intelligence. More often than not, we will practice yoga just for its physical benefits of having toned muscles, flexibility and mental clarity. However, adding some meditation to our daily life and practice will bring about a deeper sense of self and fill any gap in our lives, giving you a true sense of wholeness.

Immerse youself in stillness and bliss as you spend one on one time with our dedicated team of mindfulness experts and cultivate the teachings and practices you need to better manage your thoughts and emotions, calm and slow down your body, and rewire your brain for a better outlook on yourself, others and the world around you.


Clients with younger children are provided with a programme that includes the entire family. Depending on their age, our mindfulness experts and yoga teachers offer your little ones an exciting opportunity to learn the basics of mindfulness to be applied to their lives as they grow older. Empowering them to live a more harmonious life inside and out during their early development and beyond. Allowing your young ones to follow along during this daily aspect of your programme, when appropriate and at a level, they can manage and be excited about.

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The Royal Wellness Luxury Mindfulness Programme provides a wide variety of consultations and philosophic material, holistic healing treatments, nutritious food, daily meditation and of course an abundance of daily yoga, practising several different styles, suitable for all experience levels. 

In addition to the lavish amount of mindfulness activities, treatments and consultations available to you during your programme, we encourage you to supplement some of the ample leisure time throughout your days with alternative experiences such as biotherapies, holistic healing sessions, or some pampering wellness spa treatments. Ensure to consult with your dedicated Royal Wellness professional on which additional experiences are most beneficial to your unique programme.


The Royal Wellness Luxury Mindfulness Programme is available in 1, 4, 7, 10 and 14 night durations. Providing you with various levels of depth to deepen your education, practice and stillness. Returning clients looking to deepen their commitment to the silencing their mind are provided with entirely new bespoke mindfulness programmes such as a Level 2 Mindfulness programme, that aims to gradually take your mind, body and soul into deeper states of awareness, relaxation and interconnectedness, by learning and applying more compelling mindfulness practices reserved for clients that have successfully completed our introductory Mindfulness Programme.

Upon completion of your Royal Wellness luxury mindfulness retreat programme, you are provided with a comprehensive lifestyle guide, including recent teachings and new simple daily tips to apply at home. Giving you the remote support to integrate and maintain your new lifestyle until your next Royal Wellness experience, where we take you deeper into this newfound sense of bliss and joy!

Please download our comprehensive PDF retreat brochure below for further information on the overall benefits of yoga and meditation, our specific programme methodology, precise daily schedules and much more.

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Schedules and inclusions are subject to change based on your specific health interests.

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