Signature Retreats


Exclusive signature wellness programmes designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit by focusing on connecting with the soul and higher consciousness through an introduction to new practices, philosophy and application around ancient techniques that yielded tranquility and contentment for the cultures that applied them.

Immerse Yourself

Immerse yourself in the ancient practices of yoga, meditation and tantra; learn Eastern philosophy, experience several holistic healing treatments sourced from the Orient, indulge in colourful healthy cuisine and completely recover from your demanding lifestyle, all while learning new, yet millennia-old skills, routines and practices that serve to prolong happiness and longevity.

Mindfulness Retreat

Cultivate the ancient disciplines of yoga and mediation to experience your true essential nature of ultimate peace, happiness and contentment.

Detoxification Retreat

Enhance your body’s natural detox pathways to clear out toxins at a deep cellular level allowing you to heal your system and gain control of undesired weight.

Expand Your Practice

Royal Wellness Signature Wellness Programmes are offered multi-dimensionally, allowing you to begin at our introductory level and gradually dive deeper into degrees of a specific practice. Allowing you to endeavour towards also becoming a Master.

Couples Retreat

Liberate the mind, body and soul from any self-made constructs, discover one’s true innate power and to either reignite or supercharge intimate relationships to levels unknown to most.

Rejuvenation Retreat

Give yourself the permission to completely unwind from your demanding life by balancing your emotions, restoring your structural integrity and silencing your mind in this unique burnout recovery programme.

Special Requests

Please ensure to consult with your dedicated Royal Wellness specialist about your experience level, holistic self-care and any special requests you may have to better help you reach your health, wellness and faith-based aspirations.

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