Our Membership Club


Royal Wellness provides its clients with the opportunity to take their inner mastery to the next level by joining the most esteemed membership club in the wellness industry. One where members not only receive additional value on client-specific products and services but also gain access to exclusive educators and content to better help them in reaching the self-realisation they are seeking.

Access to Celebrities

Receive exclusive access to the most luminary masters in our talent pool, reserved exclusively for Royal Wellness members.

Sharpen your edge by spending one-on-one time with the worlds most acclaimed holistic wellness specialists, alternative therapists, spiritual leaders; as well as high-performance trainers, motivational coaches and inspirational authors.

Not only do our members receive the privilege of working one-on-one with these world renown individuals, but they also have the opportunity to form new like-minded relationships with these progressive visionaries.

Access to the Hidden Masters

Our dedicated team of wellness practitioners is composed of highly experienced, highly sought-after, English-speaking professionals that have dedicated their lives to a path of Light and healing and continue to refine their abilities by spending much time with the unspoken teachers and masters dwelling in India, Tibet, Thailand, etc.

In addition, as a Royal Wellness member, you are given exclusive access to a our network of hidden masters, energy healers, clairvoyants, authentic shamans and gurus. Either as an in-call or out-call experience; to which we help organise the entire congregation.

Priority Reservations

Royal Wellness members receive priority reservations. If an emergency reservation is requested, as a member, we ensure you are cared for as quickly as possible, with your interests as one of our top priorities.

We are extremely selective when accepting new members. This is to ensure that we maintain our ability to deliver the highest quality experiences to our most deserving clientele.

Complimentary Days

Members receive 11 complimentary wellness retreat programme days per year. These days can either be used privately or can be shared with up to 5 additional guests.


  • Days can only be used in options of 4night or 7night retreats
  • Days must be reserved separately from paid retreat programmes and other royal wellness experiences.
  • Days do not roll over into the following years.

Bespoke University

Personalised university-style programmes designed exclusively for Royal Wellness members, with a duration of between three and five years, depending on the member’s time allowance and commitment.

The programme is broken down into numerous levels which can be completed in any desired period to accommodate our member’s demanding lifestyles. The programme is entirely bespoke and crafted by our team of holistic wellness professionals, passionate upper management and deeply committed ownership.

Ensuring you are provided with the support required from numerous facilitators; the oversight, guidance and on-going support from our holistic medical professionals; an abundance of spiritual literature; and most importantly the practical due-diligence, lifestyle audits and necessary scrutiny needed to achieve your personalised goals strategised with our specialists and mutually agreed upon.

Upon completion of our bespoke university programmes, graduates receive a signature 24karat gold medallion featuring the Sahasrara Yantra – the sacred geometric design directly correlated to the crown Chakra, representing the highest state of consciousness. With the yantra holding optical properties in its design, the observer begins to notice an illusion of movement within the medallion resembling a pulsing lotus flower and crown located at the position of the heart. To which we find very symbolic given your inner state upon successfully completing your noble programme.

Our bespoke university programmes are designed to be challenging, but ultimately more rewarding than you have ever experienced. Mastering the outer world is one thing, however, mastering your inner world is the ultimate test and reward.

Contact us today and take your inner mastery to the next level.