Integrative Health

Optimise your personal wellbeing while addressing disease as needed, with the support of our dedicated health team using complementary and alternative forms of healing.

Holistic Wellness

Cultivate the ancient disciplines of holistic wellness and lifestyle augmentations during one of our signature bespoke wellness programmes lead by our world-class facilitators. 

Functional Medicine

Determine how and why illness occurs and restore your health by addressing the root causes of mental, emotional and physical illnesses causing you unnecessary burdens. 



Happiness and contentment seem to be increasingly difficult to attain in today’s demanding world of achieving high levels of success. Many leaders of industry, visionaries and entrepreneurs sacrifice their health and wellbeing to pursue great ambitions. In the process, they tend to define themselves through their careers, accomplishments and possessions: often, at times, neglecting the important elements of life that can not only make a difference in their lives but for the lives of many others around the world. We understand that once achieving such heights, many are left with an even larger sense of desolation: this awareness is what inspired Royal Wellness.


Our Mission Is to Create Superhumans – Mind, Body and Soul.

We assist exceptional individuals in achieving even more in their professional, personal and intimate lives than ever thought possible. This is driven by a relentless passion to help deserving clients reclaim their physical, mental and emotional health, extend their life expectancy, enrich their daily lives, and re-discover their spiritual essence, which has often been suppressed for far too long.

We do all this by going back to the basics and applying fundamental knowledge and principals dating back thousands of years to various cultures around the Orient known for their health and longevity, harmony and wellbeing, as well as their simplicity and connection to the world around them.

It is our deepest wish that you accompany us on a profound journey of deep healing, transformation and evolution, to assist you in becoming the most honourable and authentic version of yourself. Supporting a strong foundation for the permanent lifestyle changes you need to live a longer, happier and more enriched life than you currently have. 

You have Mastered your outer World. Let us help you Master your inner World.






We invite you to join the growing number of people around the world that are turning away from allopathic medicine and moving towards integrative health and holistic wellness. Serving as a preventative and non-intrusive approach towards maintaining optimal long-term health. As opposed to the traditional reactionary measures established and promoted in the recent century.

Holistic lifestyles are growing in global popularity with vogues like mindfulness coaching, yoga, tantra, detoxification, as well as various forms of alternative healing such as reiki, vibrational therapy, Holotropic breathwork, bio optimisations and plant medicine work. All of which are being recognised by more and more industry professionals as not only valid forms of self-care for the mind, body and soul but profoundly powerful applications for deep therapeutic work. Providing individuals with the restored and managed sense of wellbeing needed for mental clarity, balanced emotions and peak performance in many areas of life.

Many people in the West are now beginning to understand that  continuing conventional lifestyles in today’s modern world inevitably leads to some type of suffering or discomfort. Whether its due to the food and medicines we consume, the people and energies we surround ourselves with, or the information we absorb on a daily basis, both consciously and unconsciously. Whereas applying bold new holistic lifestyle applications to your life will reward you with feeling  younger and more vital later in your life then you do now. Empowering you to shift from simply existing to truly Thriving! 

Benefit from these simple yet powerful forms of healing during an exclusive getaway aboard your vessel or within your estate in complete luxury and privacy, supported by a passionate team of integrative health professionals and holistic wellness specialists coming together from around the world, exclusively for you.

Following similar techniques to premium holistic wellness retreats found in various regions around the Orient such as remote parts of India, Nepal, Bali, Thailand and China. Seekers are now able to experience the profound healing effects of these ancient treatments and learn about fascinating and inspiring philosophies that date back thousands of years, without having to venture off into unknown, distressing and oftentimes dangerous, regions around the world.

Royal Wellness brings these authentic experiences directly to you, via the best practitioners in the world, where you feel the most comfortable. Tailored specifically around your unique health, wellness and faith-based interests.







Holidays with Purpose

The Royal Wellness experience that awaits you has been uniquely designed to inspire compelling and positive lifestyle transformations by helping to reprogram the mind for happiness and contentment, rejuvenate the body for optimal health and longevity, and enrich the soul for compassion, love and true self-realisation.

What we offer is simply unparalleled and it has all been designed to leave you feeling like Royalty.