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Are your services covered under health insurance. 

No, they are not. Royal Wellness does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems by your doctor either directly or indirectly. Royal Wellness intends to offer a variety of information and tools to help the participant in their quest for spiritual growth as well as improved emotional and physical well-being.

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It mentions your programmes are medically-supported. What does this mean?

Our signature wellness programmes with durations of 4, 7, 10 and 14 nights include a dedicated holistic medical professional (M.D.). 

This individual is assigned to the client upon reservation. They handle the intake assessment process, develop each personalised programme for each client, spend the entire time with the clients aboard the vessel or in their estate, prepare detailed take-home material to maintain the work started during the retreat, and also offer 8 weeks of follow up support via web calls serving as a coach to ensure the lifestyle changes stay permanent and the client receives maximum value. 

The only programme that is not medically supported and offered as a standard non-personalised itinerary is our Immersive Day Wellness Programme. This is not a purpose and results-driven programme, but rather a fun and interactive introductory “sneak-peak” day. Therefore, there is no need for medical support staff. However, this day programme does feature dietetics and nutritional specialist. Some of which do hold medical titles from previous career paths in allopathic medicines. 

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Do you really extend lives?

Results may vary. Our ethos is to live as long as you can in good health – mind, body and soul. We do not expect our clients to give up their current lifestyle if they do not wish to. We simply look to provide them with the tools to flow through life with much more vitality. Allowing them to feel better in their later years then they do now. Even with a seemingly healthy lifestyle such as a decent diet and modest exercise routine, many clients miss the fundamentals needed to prevent deterioration of the mind, body and soul, as they grow older. By working with us and applying the practical and theoretical knowledge to their daily lives gained through a Royal Wellness programme, clients have the potential of becoming healthier as they get older, which results in extended life expectancy. Many clients of ours have achieved great heights already, however, we believe that with our professional help, they can achieve so much more in their lives!

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What makes you unique?

Our offering differs greatly from basic yoga and spa services, as help clients in gaining control over several various health interests such as:

  • Burnout and stress management
  • Mindfulness and spirituality
  • Bodyweight and toxicity
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Lack of fulfilment and purpose
  • Traumas and deep memory imprints
  • Guilt and forgiveness
  • Intimate and family relationships
  • Harmful lifestyle choices
  • Various forms of addiction
  • Performance issues
  • Holistic lifestyle mentorship

We utilise a plethora of different holistic approaches to help clients in their self-realisation, including but not limited to:

  • Practical and educational workshops around mindfulness and tantra; dietetics and nutrition; and burnout recovery and stress management 
  • Naturopathy
  • Herbology
  • Homoeopathy
  • Energy healing
  • Sound and vibrational therapy
  • Traditional bodywork
  • Sexology bodywork
  • Somatic movement
  • Sports recovery
  • Kinesiology
  • Osteopathy
  • Craniosacral
  • Holotropic breathwork
  • Trauma release therapies
  • Substance-assisted psychotherapies
  • Pant medicine therapies
  • Intravenous nutrient therapies
  • Bio-resonance scanning
  • Quantum resonance therapies
  • Transcranial stimulation therapies
  • Electromagnetic therapies
  • Oxygen therapies
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Astrological assessments
  • Traditional Chinese medicines
  • Ayurvedic sciences
  • Pre and postnatal applications
  • And much more! 
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Are you treatments safe and regulated by the FDA?

The FDA and other regulatory organisations are still heavily involved with allopathic and conventional medicines. Royal Wellness only concerns itself with alternative, functional and holistic applications and medicines. Therefore, most if not all of our offering is not approved by the FDA or other regulatory institutions. However, the FDA is quickly realising the implications of such applications and is moving towards embracing more and more of the holistic world. This has been demonstrated recently with their approval of Psilocybin, otherwise known as “magic mushrooms”, as a “Breakthrough Therapy” for depression, PTSD and other forms of mental illness. The world is changing rapidly and many of our previous conceptualisations around health and wellness are being redefined by the day.

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Do my clients need to believe in the treatments for them to work? 

We are a firm believer that we as humans can shape our physical world through thoughts and beliefs. The world is energy and so are our emotions. Therefore it always helps if a client believes in the process but it is not required. What is required is an open mind and trust in the process to unfold as it is meant to. What is meant to be, will be. 

This said the applications and modalities we use to address health interests have all been heavily trialed, studied, implemented, and recorded by various scientific and medical institutions around the world. Clients who take the time to read into alternative medical journals that can easily be found online, will come across a plethora of empirical data expressing the profound health benefits of these simple yet, long-forgotten applications. Therefore, whether the client believes it will work or not is irrelevant, especially when nothing else has worked for them. 

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How long of a retreat does my client need before they feel any changes?

It all depends on the client, their attitude, and the amount of dedication and commitment they have towards their quest for personal excellence. As well as the level of compassion they can show towards themselves. The path to success, as they will know more than most, is never linear. However, some clients have noticed serious health concerns vanish and never return, simply after one treatment by some of our practitioners. Clients sometimes call these happenings “miracles”. We simply let them know that they finally decided to seek help in the right direction. Adding regular petrol to a Diesel engine, even though both are automobiles, can have disastrous consequences. With us, clients get the right fuel to match their engine spec. 

Our programmes are entirely personalised for each client to ensure the most effective and quickest recovery from whatever they are seeking help for. Not all of us learn the same way and not all of us heal the same way either. Changing our approach from standardised offerings to personalised offerings has allowed us to significantly speed up the rate of transformation. However, full transformations are rarely realised between 4 and 14 nights. This is why we offer our retainer post-programme support: To ensure the initiated lifestyle change sticks once clients are back to their regular lives. 

In many cases, it’s only natural that clients will somehow get pulled back into their previous, often destructive lifestyles. Either through friends, family or other third party pressures. In such cases, it’s just a matter of booking another programme with us where we turn up the heat and provide them with a new set of tools and applications needed to help them stay in their integrity around their new lifestyle changes while managing their existing relationships, commitments and aspirations. 

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Where do you source your practitioners from?

Most of our faculty have been sourced from various well-established healing centres around the world where they currently or previously held positions as senior programme directors, specialists and therapists. The remaining talent is highly-regarded independents running their successful brands involving online courses, training schools and workshop-based retreats.

Our practitioners vary in levels of fame and client experience, as some have and still work with Royal and aristocratic families. All of them hold many years of practical experience in their respective fields around the world. They are masters, both known and unknown, and are sourced from around the world. Most of our wellness specialists, mindfulness experts, holistic practitioners, and plant medicine workers are sourced from various regions around South East Asia such as Thailand, India, Bali, Nepal, etc. Our alternative medical support team that includes doctors, therapists, naturopaths, osteopaths, metabolic health specialists and nurses are sourced from the United States, Canada, Europe, Israel, Japan, Iran, etc. 

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How do you assess and select your practitioners?

The owner and founder of Royal Wellness spent many years living in South East Asia and continues to visit frequently. Developing the holistic networks and experiencing the profound healing effects first hand. With holistic wellness and vogues such as tantra and plant medicine ceremonies becoming big trends, many individuals are presenting themselves as being authentic healers, shamans and practitioners, when in fact, they are just charlatans trying to earn money off the backs of humble seekers. Potentially creating more harm than good in the lives of those seeking the liberation of the mind, body and soul. 

Our founder personally vets each practitioner as he is committed to ensuring that only the most reputable and authentic team members are invited to join the Royal Wellness family. This is done through constant research, both online and offline, into finding the most professional, experienced and passionate talent we can find. The “diamonds in the rough”, so to speak. 

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What languages do your practitioners speak?

Our entire faculty is English speaking. Also, many of them speak 2nd and 3rd languages fluently such as German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, and more. Clients with specific language barriers should inform us about these limitations so that we ensure the talent that is part of their programme can communicate with them in a language that helps them make the most of their Royal Wellness experience. 

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How many practitioners work with you and where can they travel to?

Our holistic faculty consists of nearly 100 personnel and is always expanding as we find new exceptional talent around the world. Most of them can travel anywhere, however, some, such as Chinese nationals, are limited and can only be dispatched to locations where they are legally allowed entry upon arrival, with no visa requirements. Our talent pool is sizeable to best be prepared for these types of situations where limitations and barriers are present, such as when some practitioners will not be available when requested. We work down our talent list until we find the perfect client-practitioner match based on client preference, practitioner availability, booking location and immigration limitations. Our detailed client assessment process allows us to best understand our client(s) and provide them with the most well-suited practitioners.

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Where do your practitioners stay during the retreat?

The only faculty member we require to be onboard is the holistic medical professional assigned to each retreat booking. They act as the retreat programme manager: directing the practitioners and serving as the medical professional. Keeping track of the client’s progress, holding consultations throughout as needed, and also acting as a point of confidence. Such that in the case a client wakes up in the middle of the night having inevitable purifications from a detox programme, the holistic professional can direct the client to simply drink some water and return to bed rather than calling Medaire for an emergency airlift to a nearby hospital!

The rest of the practitioners are tendered on and off the boat as needed based on the prescribed programme itinerary and the vessels approximate location on the specific date treatment is meant to take place. Hotels are arranged for our practitioners nearby the respective marinas or boat location(s). Therefore, we will need to communicate with the Charter broker and Captain to find out the itinerary before booking flights for our team.

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​How do the menus work when there is already a chef onboard?

During the initial intake process, clients are assessed on their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs. During this time of disclosure, they also speak of the dietary and nutritional pillars in their lives. With one of our ethos being “Let thy food be thy medicine”, we (often) strongly recommend a sincere change in their eating habits, at least before and during the retreat. This is to reset and maintain the body at an energetic level needed to best receive the healing effects of our applications during the retreat programme. 

From this, our holistic culinary experts gain a strong understanding of what the meal plan should be aboard. Either in general such as a vegan, vegetarian, raw, macrobiotic, ketogenic, pescatarian, Ayurvedic or Sattvic diet. Or specifically such as dietary restrictions prescribed by the holistic medical director in collaboration with our professional detox and nutritional specialists also helping behind the scenes to ensure what the clients are consuming will benefit their quest. 

Royal Wellness does not support the consumption of meat during the programme other than seafood. In other words, land-based animal protein inhibits the body from transmitting and receiving energy as it is meant to. Therefore, clients who consume meat leading up to and during their programmes may experience far less healing results and potential breakthroughs than clients who follow this recommendation. 

We request that a holistic chef joins the programme aboard the vessel to prepare food for both the retreat programme clients and our holistic team, as most if not all are on a plant-based diet. The vessel’s existing chef will still be required to cook for the crew as per usual and any other guests aboard that may not be participating in the Royal Wellness programme. This said we know some chefs on vessels will have a hard time accepting this request. Therefore, using our culinary talent is entirely optional, however, in such cases, we must ensure that the existing chef is both prepared and eager to cook healthy food and follow strict orders from our dietetics and nutritional specialists. Further, in such cases, we cannot be held liable for programme outcomes as diet is fundamental to any progression towards health and wellness.

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Religious Complications

Royal Wellness embraces all religious faiths as we believe many if not all of them speak to the same original message of a wholesome life in service to others. Furthermore, our platform does not act as a substitute for religion. Most of our programmes do not feature any faith-based knowledge at their introductory levels unless requested by the client given they have made a reservation with us to begin a spiritual quest. When dealing with faith-based programmes such as the Mindfulness Programme, our philosophy is drawn from Buddhism, which is not a religion but rather a philosophy towards life that accepts all religions. In Thailand, Buddhism is often referred to as “Free-Style”. 

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Who is held responsible in the case of an emergency or accident?

Royal Wellness offers a plethora of integrated health treatments and transpersonal work programmes, that are applied to heal the underlying causes behind many prevailing physical, mental and emotional concerns in our lives. However, they can sometimes bring clients to a place of even further desperation before they begin to experience the improvements they have been seeking. Much like the struggle that a butterfly endures during its transformative state in the cocoon. 

During this struggle, clients can sometimes be triggered by their transformative process as deep-rooted issues rise to the surface, forcing the client to deal with them on a physical, mental or emotional level. This can sometimes lead to sadness, anger, fear and other lower vibrational states that are being purged out of the body to make room for a new bright existence. 

With this said, depending on the nature of client requests and their commitment to having potential breakthroughs, our method can be similar to that of repairing a deviated septum, whereby we must first break the nose for the patient to breathe again. For this reason Royal Wellness is not to be held responsible for any physical, mental or emotional discomforts experienced during the programme or post-programme during the 8 weeks of retainer programme support. 

Royal Wellness requires that all clients fill out waiver forms removing itself and its faculty from any liability related to programme feedback, stating that we are not to be held responsible for the discomfort and unpleasantries that may come up during our work with the client. As this is part of the process of transformation. A strong outcome is a result of strong effort, and we must ensure that clients are aware of the potential effort needed to realise the breakthroughs they are looking for. 

As for plant medicine ceremonies and alternative therapy substances, clients are required to sign additional waiver forms as these applications are even more profound than our standard protocols. In all cases, before the client accepts any treatment, their assigned holistic medical professional will educate them on the treatments and the potential side effects. Giving the client full disclosure before they opt-in for any of our treatments or therapies. 

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What is your position on privacy and confidentiality?

Our mission is to hold safe space for our clients to allow for deep mental, emotional and physical healing and optimisation. Although this type of work is never without effort and not always pleasant, it is extremely admirable! In reciprocation to this honorable commitment towards self-discovery and transformation, we honour our distinguished clientele by ensuring that complete confidentiality is upheld within our entire team both during and after your Royal Wellness experience. This is upheld through numerous contracts around confidentiality and non-disclosure between our practitioners, our commercial entity and our clients. Our practitioners are also trained on proper marine etiquette, especially around the do’s and don’t’s when aboard a superyacht, as this is a niche world in itself. 

What happens inside Royal Wellness, stays inside Royal Wellness. 

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What if my client cannot commit to a minimum of 4 nights?

We offer an Immersive Day Wellness Programme for clients that either cannot commit to a minimum of four (4) days, as per our signature wellness programmes, or are unsure from what direction they wish to start their quest. This one-day wellness experience serves as an introductory day festival filled with elements from all of our products and services, in addition to new-age entertainment allowing clients to receive a well-rounded wellness experience that encourages them to consider experience our more purpose-driven wellness programmes soon. 

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Are children allowed to partake in programmes?

Clients with children are provided with a programme that includes the entire family. Depending on their age and retreat type selection, our specialists and teachers offer your clients little or younger ones, an exciting opportunity to learn the basics of healthy cuisine by involving them in their culinary preparation process and cooking. Empowering them to make their own healthy choices in their early life development. Royal Wellness also offers introductory yoga and meditation practices for children. Allowing your young ones to follow along during this daily aspect of your programme, when appropriate and at a level they can manage and be excited about.

Click here to view our Family-Oriented Wellness Retreat Brochure.

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What if my client is pregnant or has special medical conditions? 

No problem. Many of our practitioners are well versed in dealing with pregnant women. Therefore one of them will be assigned to the programme specifically for this type of client situation. As per special medical conditions, the assigned holistic professional will assess these conditions to determine if Royal Wellness is the best suitable platform or if the conditions fall outside of our fields of expertise. In such a case, we would inform the client about our limitations towards their conditions and provide them with a supplementary programme they can decide to partake in parallel to their associates or not. 

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Are travel and accommodation costs included?

Our programmes are all-inclusive. The only cost the client needs to pay in excess are the flights and local transportation for their dedicated team to reach them. Most of our team will only need economy class airfare. However, some of our team members, such as the celebrity healers, practitioners working with Royal Families, and other influencers will require a different seat grade, such as economy plus or at most, business class. However, we will never include such figureheads in a programme unless the client requests it in their application/intake process or if we feel the client stands to benefit more from a specific practitioner over the majority. 

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Do you need a yacht to experience your services or can they be done on land?

No. Royal Wellness also offers its products and services in private estates as well as private aircraft depending on the service type and duration of flights. Programmes rendered in estates are very similar, if not identical, to those rendered aboard vessels. We are also able to split up a programme given the client’s schedule or preferences does not permit them to spend the entire programme either at sea or on land. Meaning if the client wishes to spend the first 3 days of their programme in their residence and finish it on their vessel, we can accommodate. Our programmes are personalised around the client’s health interests, physical commitments and other important variables.

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Does the yacht need any particular facilities in order to be able to carry out the treatments?

No. However, given the nature of our programme inclusions, the number of personnel assigned and the retail price points of our offerings, we normally work with vessels of 30 metres and above.

Spa rooms on the vessels are not required however they are well appreciated as some of our treatments include oils and other things that may not be suited for any other space. However, things can easily be done in other rooms if the client is open to this, such as bedrooms, if there is no official spa room on board.

Our longer duration programmes include take-home yoga mats, towels, blocks, bolsters, meditation pillows and more. If the programme requires specific facilities or materials, we will need to speak with the vessels Chief Stew or Captain to define the missing elements and work towards securing them well in advance of the signature wellness retreat programmes.

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​Can my client cancel their programme if they have a sudden change of heart during their experience?

Yes, of course. However, unless it is due to a family or career emergency, the likelihood of someone cancelling their participating during the programme is small and is usually due to the client being triggered in their own process. In such cases, the assigned holistic medical professional will sit down with them in private and speak about their feedback to see if they can be calmed down and reintegrated into the programme. If the client is adamant about not participating for the remainder of the programme, then they simply exclude themselves from the programme with the expectation that they will be respectful towards the others still involved in the programme. If the entire group wishes to cancel the programme during the course of the retreat, Royal Wellness will ensure all practitioners and support staff are tendered off the vessel as soon as possible. Please note that in any case, no refunds will be made. 

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How is my client evaluated and accepted?

We are selective when agreeing to accept new clients and we only choose to work with those that are as devoted to inner work, personal transformation and deep permanent healing, as we are. This is to ensure that we maintain our ability to deliver the highest quality experiences to our most deserving clientele.

New clients are required to fill out a detailed application form including a letter of interest expressing their desire in a Royal Wellness experience. New client profiles are assessed by our founding team and holistic doctors to determine levels of sincerity and commitment from each seeker.

Once accepted and a non-refundable deposit to secure the Royal Wellness experience has been made, clients meet with one of our medical professionals for in-depth holistic health analysis and wellness consultation to discuss key points of interest. Allowing our team of holistic specialists to create the most impeccable and comprehensive wellness programmes that are carefully crafted around each client’s unique health interests.

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Why do your prices appear high to some?

Unique & Exclusive.

Our prices are the most expensive in the world simply because what we offer is not found in the West and it is impossible to find in the Far East when considering the calibre of the platform to which we present our offerings on. We are the most exclusive and private wellness concierge agency on the planet serving High and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and their loved ones. We are simply unparalleled.

The Most Sought After International Talent.

Our practitioners are the best of the best. Some of them work with Royal and aristocratic families in Europe and the Middle East. A few own celebrity clinics in Hollywood. Some already work with existing Superyachts around the world. And others are long-time, well-known professionals in their respective fields who are now authors that contribute to impressive publications regularly around the world. 

Client Prioritisation.

Most, if not all of our practitioners, have successful businesses already. However, they have decided to join our cause and put your clients ahead of their own. This said we pay them all very well to justify them taking time away from their families and professions to prioritise your clients above their own. Please keep in mind that one working day for them on the vessel or in the estate translates to oftentimes 3-4 days away from home and regular income. 


We are the real deal for transpersonal work and integrative/holistic health and wellness. In addition to our base wellness retreat experience offered around either mindfulness, detox, tantra, or burnout recovery; we also build personalised integrative health programmes for each client using the help of highly trained and experienced holistic doctors that have headed various internationally accredited wellness institutions in the Far East for many years. They are passionate to take their knowledge to where it can make an impact in the world. 

Mission, Performance and Results Driven.

Ultimately, yes, our prices are the highest on the planet, but they reflect the depth of work we do. Simply put, we change lives. For the better. Our mission is to give purpose and joy back to life for your clients as well as to help them break free of the self-limiting beliefs and negative patterns that keep them from being happy, fulfilled, enthusiastic, socially vibrant, and physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

Private, Confidential, Safe and Secure.

We are importing the authentic Temple / Ashram / Monastery experience directly to clients where they feel the most secure and comfortable, rather than expecting them to travel to oftentimes far, distressing and dangerous regions around the world hoping to find something authentic. 

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What are your payment terms?

  • VAT applicable only to invoices raised on legal entities in the Netherlands at a rate of 21%. 
  • A non-refundable deposit of 30% is required to secure the desired booking dates. 
  • The remaining balance is due and must be received in full by Royal Wellness Group up to 14 days before the booking starting date. Payment can be made by international bank transfer or by VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. Credit card fees of 3% apply. 
  • Prices do not include all associated transportation costs for dedicated wellness team to reach your desired location(s) and return to their home countries afterwards. Associated costs related to return flights are billed separately and must be paid before the retreat programme start date. 
  • Late payments for remaining balances will be charged a late payment fee of 10% of the total booking value. 
  • Rates, service charges and taxes are subject to change without prior notice. 
  • Additional days requested billed individually.
  • Additional guests outside of allowed programme capacity are billed individually, and per day.
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What are the cancelation terms?

  • Cancellation 60-90 days prior to the first day of the Experience: clients receive a full credit to be applied towards a future Experience. A 10% re-allocation fee will be applied. 
  • Cancellation 30-59 days prior to the first day of the Experience: clients will receive a credit of 50% of the registration fee to be applied towards a future Experience and will forfeit the remaining amount. A 10% cancellation fee will also be applied. 
  • Cancellation 0-29 days prior to the first day of the Experience: no refunds or credits will be given. 
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Can my client still work and use electronics?

We understand many clients have demanding schedules and responsibilities. Although most healing centres and wellness retreat platforms require that electronic devices be handed in during specific hours, we leave it up to the client to decide what is best for them. We simply ask that the use of electronic devices be done in private, away from the rest of the group. Keep phones off or on silent during yoga and meditation practices. It’s simply a matter of respect towards the rest of the group and their individual quests. Depending on the nature of the reservation, if clients request a Rejuvenation Programme focusing on burnout and stress management, they may be asked to hand in their phones during specific hours. As this programme applies concepts from digital detox programmes where electronic devices are not allowed at all. 

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Any preparation needed before the retreat?

Our signature wellness programmes that are offered in durations of 4, 7, 10 and 14 nights require that clients prepare the mind, body and soul at least 1 week beforehand. Clients will receive detailed preparation guidelines for them to follow leading up to their programme start date. These preparations usually include cutting all toxins from the body such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and adopting a healthier diet such as a vegetarian or pescatarian diet. Some programmes such as our Tantra Programme require even further effort. However, this is purely to attain maximum results for clients. 

As much as we would like to, we can’t do the work for clients in order for them to get healthier. This responsibility falls on them and their first test is the preparation for the programme. We request that preparation protocols be implemented at least 7 days before the programme starts. Clients making longer efforts for preparation such as 2-4 weeks will yield much better results than those who prepare for 7 days or less. 

For plant medicine ceremonies, this notion is even more important as preparing the body to receive these powerful medicines is half the work. There have been many examples of clients not feeling the effects because they did not implement the prescribed Shamanic “Dieta” enough days beforehand and therefore the stomach will not process the medicine and the client will be left with the negative feeling towards their experience. 

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What if my client is late to start their programme?

Client schedules can often be very demanding. Leaving them with small windows of time allowances for matters close to their hearts. In the case that a client is late to start their retreat programme, they will simply need to pay per practitioner and per diem where work is not rendered.

Royal Wellness practitioners are paid per working day. If a retreat program is delayed due to weather restricting the vessel from being boarded or some form of client oversight or negligence; requiring them to stay on land for longer than expected, the client will be charged an “overstay fee” for each day above the original working contract commitment. (ie: contract commitment is 4 days and they are on-site for 7 days, we invoice the client for 3 days in “overstay”). 

Overstay Rate: EUR 1,000 per day per Royal Wellness personnel. 

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Should my client tip therapists and practitioners?

Gratuities for our practitioners are not required nor expected, however they are always very much well-received. Thank you!

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Why work with us?

Increase your Bottom Line & Stay Competitive 

Royal Wellness serves as a means for brokers and their firms to sell more bookings, create longer duration bookings, and more compelling bookings. Ultimately strengthening the relationship between you and your esteemed clientele. Open up to an entirely new revenue stream by either adding our services onto an existing vessel or estate reservation, or we can add the accommodation onto a Royal Wellness request.  

First of its kind

What we are offering is revolutionary in the markets which we engage in. 

For some time now, common people have had a number of different options to go and “find themselves” however, for the Ultra High Net Worth Individual, they do not have such sanctuaries as they expect a different standard in life overall. One that no other platform has been able to accommodate until now. 

Be the first to offer your client this amazing new experience before their friends hear about it. 

Give them the social currency they love to play with. 

Repeat Business

Once a client has embarked on their personal quest, it is often impossible to jump off this path. 

For this reason, once your client has booked their first Royal Wellness experience, it is almost expected that they will remain a lifetime client as they dive deeper and deeper into their practice and self-exploration with our help. Meaning the lifetime value of a client is very rewarding. 

Expand Your Market.

Clients first acquired via the Superyachting industry, are sure to book time and time again given their pursuit for personal transformation. However, they may request the majority of their experiences to be on land given they don’t own a vessel and cannot charter one that regularly. Royal Wellness greatly expands your income potential outside of the Superyachting industry. (ie: A Charter client experiences Royal Wellness on a yacht to begin with. They love the experience and want to book again but this time in their estate). As a yacht charter broker, this type of opportunity would not normally be something you could monetise, however, now it is. Agents and affiliates can use Royal Wellness as an anchor for cross-promotional opportunities and as a tool for sales initiatives. 

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What is the best way of introducing this to my client?

Traditionally, Superyachting has either been a shared experience with family or one of hedonistic pleasures shared amongst friends and colleagues. Integrative health programmes have never been offered before for the industry. Wellness is still regarded as a basic transactional type service in yachting: including basic yoga by a chief stew on board, a commercial masseuse applying western style bodywork and perhaps a chef who supports a vegan diet now. We believe these are great introductory elements however what we do is convert SuperYachts and private Estates into personalised and dedicated healing centres applying integrative health protocol, functional medicines and holistic wellness treatments.

Simply present a new alternative experience that will leave them feeling good rather than hungover. 

Perhaps they have already have a healthy lifestyle and are looking to explore what is available further?

Or maybe they have never experienced what Royal Wellness provides and in our experience, have rarely heard of, unless they have spent some time in Asia in the spiritual communities of foreigners.

This will be a new and exciting experience for them to immerse themselves in. Because this is revolutionary, your client can be the first amongst their peers to experience this brave new world and therefore feel privileged for having received an insider look. 

Furthermore, with our Immersive One Day Wellness Program, clients are able to reserve our services for a dedicated “wellness day” to take place the day after a celebration. Serving as a “hangover recovery day”. 

In life, clients work hard and play hard. When they play hard, it is usually in the privacy of a Superyacht. But along with playing hard, clients must also recover hard. This is where we come in. 

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What sales and marketing resources do you have to work with?

We provide our industry partners with a wide range of materials to best help them in selling our products and services to their most deserving clients. This includes a number of broker-friendly editorials, newsletter campaign templates, various shareable and downloadable digital brochures relating to offerings and overall lifestyle. 

Original content such as comprehensive articles, advertorials and advertisements and web banners can also be provided for respective marketing departments to publicise and integrate into their commercial websites. However, this support is reserved for entire firms that have agreed to sign on as official commercial partners, which usually also includes retreat integrations into existing charter itineraries (ie: 10 day charter in the Mediterranean incoporating a 7-night mindfulness retreat, sold at X price)

Additionally, entities looking to publicise press releases related to our company can download our press kit which includes royalty-free images, font books and other resources needed to publicise Royal Wellness branded content on our behalf. 

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Why should my marketing be updated as well?

We understand that Royal Wellness is unconventional and rather a brave new world for most. That said, it’s a world that sits authentically inside all of us, buried deep inside. And oftentimes, all that is required is to have a reflection of this, for one’s inner awareness to “click” with what they are seeing with their eyes. Meaning they may not know they need Royal Wellness until they see it. Much like Apple computers in its early days. It is important to build the mindshare up to plant the seeds, give clients the space to research and digest us on their own time, ending with them contacting you for details and not the other way around. 

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What clients have you worked with previously?

We honour our distinguished clientele by ensuring that complete confidentiality is upheld within our entire team both during and after their Royal Wellness experience. For this reason, we are not at the liberty of giving out the names of individuals, their vessels or chateaus or the organisations they run. What we can say however is that our practitioners have worked with various royal and aristocratic families, leaders of industry, celebrities, social influencers; as well as the average citizen who has inherited much of their wealth from previous generations. 

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My client has never heard of or seen anything like this before. Do you offer an intro experience before they commit to a longer programme?

We offer an Immersive Day Programme for clients that are unsure of what direction they wish to start their personal quest. This one-day wellness experience serves as a fun introductory day “festival” filled with elements from all of our products and services, in addition to new-age entertainment allowing clients to receive a well-rounded experience that encourages them to consider our more purpose and results-driven wellness programmes in the near future. 

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