Shamanic Purifications


Unique and deeply sacred experiences led by devoted ceremonial practitioners using authentic blends of plant medicines native to various indigenous regions around the globe that help to overcome deep emotional traumas.

Used for centuries as part of spiritual and healing ceremonies, these various plant-based medicines are consumed by our clients under the guidance of plant medicine practitioners and Royal Wellness professionals. Taking you into a deep state of consciousness, out of body experiences and euphoria.During these states, clients can access forgotten memories and traumas, as well as observe their life and current concerns existentially, providing a newfound sense of awareness, peace and unconditional love for themselves and others. Regardless of how impossible a perceived problem might have seemed. This initial spark is then expanded upon during post-ceremony integration work lead by a Royal Wellness therapist.

The initial effects of these hallucinogenic plant-based medicines are profound and can oftentimes lead to immediate lifestyle changes around relationship management, substance abuse and intimacy, to name a few. Furthermore, the healing effects carried forward long after the ceremony are subtle, yet still, continue the work on rewiring neurological patterns allowing clients to further abolish ties to things that no longer serve them in their new life.

Royal Wellness works with a wide variety of medicinal properties in the plant medicine realm such as Ayahuasca, Iboga, Psilocybin, and Kambo, to name a few. Based on a client’s unique mental, physical, emotional or spiritual interests; our specialists advise on which ceremonial based experience they stand to benefit from the most. Often, some of these medicinal plant modalities are used in parallel to provide the compelling breakthroughs needed for our clients to reclaim their lives immediately rather than spending the rest of their lives in traditional therapy.

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(2) Royal Wellness acts in accordance with all international laws, rules and regulations regarding these modalities. A client’s vessel/estate must be located where the desired psycho-active medicine is legally permitted.