Signature Ley Line Expeditions


Plug into the planet’s energy transmission lines and immerse yourself into a sense of trance-like bliss, tranquility & interconnectedness. Royal Wellness offers a unique set of itineraries that coincide with various energetic hot spots around the world, such as Ley Lines and vortexes, where these lines intersect. 

Ley lines are believed by many healers, psychics and ancient astronaut theorists  to be a series of metaphysical connections that link several sacred sites around the world. Essentially, these lines form a sort of grid or matrix and are composed of the earth’s natural energies. Many argue that these well-known sacred sites, such as Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tor, the Great Pyramids, Sedona, and Machu Picchu, sit at the convergence of several lines. However, many of these lines also cross and intersect in the oceans and along coastlines that offer picturesque beauty and mysticism such as the famed island of Es Vedra located beside Ibiza in Spain. 

These suggested itineraries serve not only as unique expeditions but ultimately as a means for our conscious practitioners to channel this electrified energy into their work, as well as put everyone aboard in a calmer state, as these energy fields oftentimes bring about a sense of profound peace and tranquillity, perfect for deep meditation. 

We invite you to turn your vessel into a sacred site and supercharge your Royal Wellness experience, by plugging into this planetary grid and harnessing the immense power emitting from various energy points in the ocean and their vibrational fields.

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