Waking Up Ain’t So Easy


Former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon reported that on his return flight to Earth, after the 1971 Apollo 14 Moon landing, he had an intensely spiritual experience that he describes in his book, The Way of the Explorer: An Apollo Astronaut’s Journey Through the Material and Mystical Worlds (1996).



To the disdain of sceptics, the fact is that there are aspects of the human experience that simply cannot be adequately explained by science.  



Mitchell who would have been put through some of the most rigorous scientific learning and training of his time described his awareness of himself as a living, self-aware being, an indelibly connected part of the larger universal consciousness or intelligence – what some might refer to as Source.


There are many other types of spiritual awakenings that ‘normal’ people experience every day.  Take, for example, the experience of deja vu where you become aware that you’ve already ‘lived’ a particular moment, or, seeing or meeting someone for the ‘first’ time and having the distinct feeling you’ve known them before, premonitions of big events and near-death experiences too. 



Another type of spiritual experience/awakening that seems to defy science is what is commonly called the dark night of the soul.  It is not unheard of that a person in their lifetime may experience this at least once, and depending upon their individual circumstances, up to several times.  In the context of world-class support and expertise, Royal Wellness provides its clients at these pivotal moments, it is extremely valuable to explore this notion some more.


The dark night of the soul is just that – an unexpected collapse of your identity and understanding of life in relation to external labels and constructs, that plunges you into a deep, frightening darkness – an inner spiritual crisis, if you will.


Many people who are going through a dark night of the soul report feeling like a stranger to themselves, like they are free falling, they find it difficult to focus and make even the smallest of decisions. They no longer feel connected with the activities, people, places and things they once were. They don’t know what they want or what will make them happy anymore. 


The overwhelming darkness describes the vast inner landscape you find yourself traversing when the established frameworks of your life, and how these once made you feel safe, important, accepted and loved have fallen away.




Yes, indeed science might try to explain this as a purely psychological and/or physiological depressive type of event, but…


What if what you were experiencing was actually, as Mitchell described, an expanded spiritual awareness of yourself, through your own dark night of the soul?


At Royal Wellness we know that if for an extended time you haven’t been growing, learning and expressing your deepest most authentic self, there is a built-in “growth/life change” mechanism that can get triggered, and it creates an inner discomfort that cannot be scientifically explained away.  


This inner discomfort propels you along a trajectory that can feel like a search – for meaning, for yourself, for what really matters, the reason you exist – and ultimately, in its various forms, healing and love.


You see, life has an uncanny way of orchestrating events to bring you into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with yourself and verbal and physical expression of your truth. If you are reading this and believe that you have been experiencing your own dark night of the soul, in the first instance, you must stop and fully take this in.  For all its darkness and pain, you can rest assured there is a reason this is happening, and more importantly, that there is light on the other side.



Next, you must recognise that life is asking that you expand your view of yourself, the world, your place in the world and what is possible for you.  Consider, even if you don’t have evidence of it right now, that the reason this is happening is that you, the Spirit – the formless, energetic, essential part of you – are bigger and more capable than you know.



At Royal Wellness, we believe that a dark night of the soul is your innate wisdom speaking to you in the language of discomfort, through conditioned layers of untruths, false ideas and beliefs about yourself and life, and a way of life that alienates you from yourself.


We know this because as a species, we are moved by core ‘motivators’.  Some of these include the desire to make money, save time, avoid effort, be more comfortable, gain praise, and the one that we are most interested in here, to escape emotional and/or physical pain.


And the quest to escape intense discomfort and emotional/physical pain not only sets you upon a journey, it demands that you leave behind any and all distractions, draw inward and listen closely to your truth.  Almost inevitably, you will feel the need for deep healing, acknowledgement/support and experience of the love you are.



What if you could hear what your soul most desperately wants you to know around your exact issue/s? 

Even transform your present struggle into the key to your greatest freedom?  

And both hear this information and create concrete steps to having it too?


At Royal Wellness, our in-house clairvoyant and spiritual mentor have the ability to hone in almost immediately into the energy and information at the core of your struggle.  She will show you how to shift that struggle into knowing and understanding yourself at your deepest levels.  This gives you a powerful understanding of YOU, your way of being, and concrete tools for how to embody that way of being more consistently so you can rebuild your relationships and life experiences and permanently dissolve and leverage your dark night of the soul.

If you have been searching for a guide, your search is over. 

Send us a message.  The support and clarity you desire is here for you now.


Namaste <3



Caroline B.

Caroline B.

Resident Clairevoyante | Royal Wellness Group

A professional clairvoyant and spiritual mentor, Caroline helps super smart, soul-driven, successful business owners create deep resolution and healing around the personal issues affecting their productivity and happiness in their lives and work.

These types of issues are largely individual, always with an inner component and can be romantic relationship related, to do with tenuous family dynamics, deep healing processes, spiritual crises, debilitating feelings of self-doubt, guilt and so on. Additionally, they are often issues that clients have been aware have been affecting their ability to feel grounded, settled and self-assured for years but have been unable to unpack using conventional methods.

What makes Caroline's work stand out from other modalities is her ability to hone right into the cause of her client's struggle (after years of struggling she brings them understanding within minutes) and share this not only verbally, but in such a way that she communicates on the deepest, most healing levels of the soul.

She has a BA in Interdepartmental Biology/Chemistry and trained with Francine Marie Sheppard at the Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness and successful author, teacher and researcher Debra Lynne Katz.

Caroline has been working closely with clients in private practice since 2002 and is based on the island of Mallorca (Spain) where she runs a highly bespoke, high-touch boutique style business and serves a global clientele. She is extremely enthusiastic about supporting Royal Wellness clients at depths that transcend traditional modalities and pave the way for extraordinary life change.

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