Transpersonal Mentorship

& Holistic Lifestyle Guidance


Royal Wellness offers a wide variety of therapeutic-style consultations, conscious lifestyle coaching and spiritual mentorship to address issues around burnout and stress management, depression and anxiety. In addition, matters are also addressed surrounding lack of fulfilment and purpose, residual shame and guilt from childhood preventing prosperous relationships, unhealthy eating habits and harmful lifestyle choices, performance around intimacy and connection to others, and many other destructive programming clients adopt throughout their lives. We provide you with the self-awareness, empowerment and support needed to incite a sincere lifestyle change. 

Our professional team of therapists and counsellors have studied extensively in their respective fields, rendered thousands of hours of therapeutic services to clients all over the world and in recent times have undergone years-long training in mind-body-spirit methodology. Using Tantra and Taoism, Neuropsychology, Gestalt Therapy,  Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Techniques, relationship therapy based on scientific studies, Ayurvedic sciences dating back thousands of years. Additionally, other modalities such as breathwork, energy work, sexuality work, shadow work and plant medicine therapy may be applied  to provide new perspective for clients towards seemingly unresolvable issues.

Enrich your life through a broad spectrum of unique self-awareness, developmental and execution strategies to reach a True state happiness, joy and enthusiasm. Not only for yourself but ultimately for everyone in your life, as you will begin to emit new contagious energy!

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