Signature Experiences

Royal Wellness would like to extend an invitation for you to immerse yourself into a brave new world of self-discovery, self-improvement and self-love. We provide you with a wide variety of exciting techniques from a distant past, to heal emotional wounds, free your mind from unwanted programming and reaching a true sense of happiness and self-realisation.

Tailored to You

We offer a comprehensive selection of unique wellness experiences such as purpose-driven wellness retreats tailored to your specific interests. As well as a variety of exclusive tantric healing treatments and workshops, traditional Chinese medicines, holistic bodywork, esoteric breath work, Zen fitness, quantum scanning, bio manipulations, shamanic purifications, substance-assisted therapies and various comprehensive wellness consultations.

All designed to leave you feeling like Royalty.

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Wellness Programmes

Exclusive signature programmes designed to silence your mind, rejuvenate your body and elevate your soul.

Holistic Treatments

A comprehensive list of healing body and energy work to better assist you in cleaning our emotional and physical blockages in your body.

Bio Upgrades

The most cutting-edge technologies available to help you attain the highest state of physical and cognitive performance.

Our Deepest Wish

It is our deepest wish that you accompany us on a profound journey of deep healing, transformation and evolution to assist you in becoming the most honourable and authentic version of yourself. Both for you and those around you.

Bio Recovery

Powerful recovery blends of signature IV nutrient infusion therapies designed to quickly and effectively revitalise your body.

Ceremonial Plant Healing

Unique and deeply sacred experiences led by devoted shamans using authentic plant-based medicines.

Join The Movement

We invite you to join the growing number of people around the world that are turning towards holistic wellness as a means to both revitalise and heal mentally, physically and emotionally.

Alternative Therapy

Substance-assisted psychotherapeutic treatments to help you in reaching deeper states of awareness.

Coaching & Consultations

A wide variety of professional therapies and overall life coaching around conscious personal development.

Contact us today and start your inner mastery!