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The Spiritual Meaning Behind COVID-19 (Part II)

THE GREAT MYSTERY BEHINDTHE GREAT PANDEMIC (Continued) ______________ TWO  ROADS  TO CHOOSE  FROM   In spiritual traditions, there are two ways to reach enlightenment or to progress through one’s spiritual path; something we all have a responsibility to uphold in our lives as humans on planet Earth. Make no mistake. The first is the Ascetic path, whereby one forsakes the material world and becomes a Monk or a Priest with little responsibility and distractions from the outside world. Where their days are consumed by their spiritual education and practice, sipping tea, sweeping the floor, and attending to garden work. The…

The Spiritual Meaning Behind COVID-19 (Part I)

THE GREAT MYSTERY BEHIND THE GREAT PANDEMIC ____________ A  BRAVE  NEW  WORLD Humanity has certainly seen the dawn of a new age as the year 2020 has been slowly settling in. Like many people who felt 2020 to be a symbolic year of clarity and transformation, I did not expect it to unfold the way that it did. Regardless of one’s personal opinion towards the origin of COVID-19, this historical moment in time has left the world – frozen in time – Suspended in front of our reflections, in a mirror we cannot put away, break or hide from this time.…

CIA Report on the Ethos of Royal Wellness

NOT SURE WHO TO TRUST ANYMORE?DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT… Many would agree that we now live in the Age of Information where not only is information in abundance at nearly everyone’s fingertips via mobile devices, but companies are also collecting vast amounts of data on all of us. Needless to say, data and information is the new oil. However, in a world where we are constantly being bombarded by not only static ads, but clever subliminal programming and what some consider misinformation or “disinformation”. Designed to provide the audience with an acceptable amount of truth, yet blended with…

Dive Into Stillness

DIVE INTO STILLNESS WITH YIN YOGA THERAPY Within different styles of modern yoga practices, there is a gentler approach that is gaining more popularity each day among yoga practitioners of all backgrounds. That is Yin Yoga. It is taking space in the curriculum of a variety of yoga studios around the globe and becoming a way to balance its practitioners’ hyperactive, fast-paced lifestyles. To have a better understanding of the Yin practice, we should get familiar with the Taoism Yoga philosophy. Taoism yoga explores the ancient Indian traditions and the Chinese Knowledge of energy maps running through the body. In both Indian and…

DIY Meditation Retreat – Free Retreat Inside!

HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWNMEDITATION RETREAT AT HOME  What if quarantine was our best opportunity for growth, healing, and self-development? When I first found out about the lockdown, I told myself: “Alright, we can do this. I’m a meditation teacher so let’s use this time wisely and focus on mental health and personal growth. Guess what happened next? I woke up bombarded with memes and toxic messages on my phone. I felt paralyzed with  information overload.” Sounds familiar? How have you felt during self-isolation?     From Self-Isolation To Self-Discovery   “Meditation creates a clearing in the forest of our…

Insider Look: The Art of Seva & Devotional Living

DITCH THE PSEUDO HIPPY PATH…  HERE IS WHAT A TRUE  YOGIC LIFESTYLE LOOKS LIKE! For me personally, Seva has its roots deeply woven into feelings, thoughts and actions of Devotion, not to be confused with adoration. Devotion is a sincere sensation, indefinitely more profound, faithful, graceful, earnestly and innocently dedicated. Seva is an act of compassion and care for others above oneself. The Bhagavad Gita, encourages selfless service as a way to develop spiritually; thus, it is closely linked to the concept of Karma yoga.  “ The science of transcendental knowledge has been im­parted to you, O Arjuna. Now listen to…
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