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The Resurgence of Holistic Health

THE RESURGENGE OF ALTERNATIVE  MEDICINES & HOLISTIC WELLNESS A Modern World Happiness, contentment and fulfilment seem to be increasingly difficult to attain in today’s demanding world of achieving high levels of success. Many leaders of industry, visionaries and entrepreneurs sacrifice their health and wellbeing to pursue great ambitions. In the process, they tend to define themselves through their careers, accomplishments and possessions: Often, at times, neglecting the important elements of life that can make a tremendous difference in their lives and those around them. Once having achieved such heights, many are left with an even larger sense of desolation and some…

Ancient Stress Reduction & Prevention

HOW YOGA WORKS ON LOWERING STRESS “To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders”, said Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher, and the author of the reputed Tao Te Ching. As the body melts experiencing relaxation at the end of a yoga class, a variety of sensations take over the body from head to toes. It feels like there is no option but to surrender to stillness. Allowing our bodies to rest and surrender while ending a yoga practice is such a reward. A sudden wave of lightness and joy is certainly a response felt by many yoga practitioners. Whether you…

Fall Madly In Love With Yourself!

DEEPENING YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF SELF CARE.  In her Forbes article “Practicing Self Care Is Important: 10 Easy Habits To Get You Started”, Noma Nazish cites reasons such as knowing your worth, healthy work-life balance, stress management, living rather than existing and improved physical health as the reasons why.  If you are reading this, it is likely that you are already familiar with the benefits of looking after, possibly even pampering yourself, but, what if there was a deeper, more intrinsic reason you are wired to seek out self-care?   What if the pull towards self-care actually stems from the most…

Stem Cells & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

FACIAL REJUVENATION USING ACUPUNCTURE  Many people know acupuncture only for its efficacy on pain relief, and acupuncture do is very much worthy of that fame, but that is just the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to describe the acupuncture’s true potential. Science still struggles to fully understand the acupuncture’s healing mechanism, and the truth is, it may never be 100% clarified. TCM it’s an ancient medicine, with more than 2600 years old, but despite of its antiquity, its understanding of the human body goes beyond our current scientific comprehension of it. We can describe acupuncture’s healing mechanism…

Fighting Phobias with EFT Tapping

HEALING TRAUMAS WITH  EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE (E.F.T.)  “About 30% of us find air travel anything from faintly disconcerting to unutterably terrifying…The terror that grips the aviophobe is paralysing, brutal, breathless. While no two aviophobics are the same, fear tends to coalesce around phobias of distance – vertigo and agoraphobia – and constriction – claustrophobia, and concerns about an inability to escape. Some fear take-off, others fear landing, and a higher proportion are fine until the first giddy lurches of turbulence set in. Others suffer recurrent panic attacks centring on visions of snapping wings, flaming engines, the long plummet earthwards as…

Vibrational Self-Healing: Mantras

MANTRA TECHNOLOGY:THE SCIENCE OF SOUND One thing that all spiritual traditions have in common, in one form or another, is the use of sound. As it famously says in the Bible: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1) In Yogic technology, we call the use of sound through chanting specific words from ancient texts: Mantra. Mantra is compatible with all belief systems and works with the innate intelligence of the human system to produce specific vibratory frequencies within the body which impact on states of mind and feelings.…
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