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Staying Healthy In A Brave New World

LET’S STOP FOCUSING ON WHATS WRONG AND LET’S LOOK AT WHAT IS RIGHT. …NO MORE NOCEBO! The Corona Covid19 Virus appears to have brought the entire world to its knees. Leaving the “pandemic” of fear to one side, we can see that international travel has ground to a halt, the Stock Market has crashed whilst the Saudi-Russian Oil War now sees Oil at a rock bottom price which is likely to see the death of the Petrodollar! OK, let’s shift our gaze a search for the positive amongst this plethora of debris. Let’s see this situation as a world-wide and…

Curiosity Healed the Cat

CURIOSITY AS A TOOL FOR HEALING & SELF-GROWTH  As a species, we are sentient, sapient, self-aware beings.  We aren’t taught as children the importance of this innate gift called curiosity we all possess, much less how to utilize it as a tool to achieve self-actualization, healing and growth. When a person begins to experience what we at Royal Wellness describe as ‘restless stirrings of the soul’, it often makes sense to consider this sentiment that Albert Einstein, likely the most famous scientist known for his genius, creativity and great humanity once shared. Einstein stated; “The important thing is to not…

Viruses & BioEnergetic Medicines (BEM)

MERIDIAN STRESS ANALYSIS (MSA) & BIOENERGETIC MEDICINE Wilson Raposo is the Founder of Nutra-Holistics Integrative wellness and specializes in Bioenergetic Meridian Stress Analysis. (More about this technology here). Desirae Jaenen is a Transformational Life Coach and Human Connection Specialist who is passionate about helping clients clear past experiences thought patterns and limiting beliefs that aren’t allowing them to feel in control, or live their lives fully. As colleagues and friends, they have become concerned that there are many voices making many claims of how to go about keeping safe amidst the hysteria over the Coronavirus (Covid19) in recent days. – Figure 1…

Converting SuperYachts Into Healing Centres

BESPOKE HEALTH AND WELLNESS PROGRAMMES ABOARD SUPERYACHTSThe Smart Way to Isolate Yourself in 2020 and Beyond ____________ A  BRAVE  NEW  WORLD Humanity has certainly seen the dawn of a new age as the year 2020 has been slowly settling in. Like many people who felt 2020 to be a symbolic year of clarity and transformation, I did not expect it to unfold the way that it did. Regardless of one’s personal opinion towards the origin of COVID-19, this historical moment in time has left the world – frozen in time – Suspended in front of our reflections, in a mirror we cannot…

The Resurgence of Holistic Health

THE RESURGENGE OF ALTERNATIVE  MEDICINES & HOLISTIC WELLNESS A Modern World Happiness, contentment and fulfilment seem to be increasingly difficult to attain in today’s demanding world of achieving high levels of success. Many leaders of industry, visionaries and entrepreneurs sacrifice their health and wellbeing to pursue great ambitions. In the process, they tend to define themselves through their careers, accomplishments and possessions: Often, at times, neglecting the important elements of life that can make a tremendous difference in their lives and those around them. Once having achieved such heights, many are left with an even larger sense of desolation and some…

Ancient Stress Reduction & Prevention

HOW YOGA WORKS ON LOWERING STRESS “To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders”, said Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher, and the author of the reputed Tao Te Ching. As the body melts experiencing relaxation at the end of a yoga class, a variety of sensations take over the body from head to toes. It feels like there is no option but to surrender to stillness. Allowing our bodies to rest and surrender while ending a yoga practice is such a reward. A sudden wave of lightness and joy is certainly a response felt by many yoga practitioners. Whether you…
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