The Spiritual Meaning Behind COVID-19 (Part II)





In spiritual traditions, there are two ways to reach enlightenment or to progress through one’s spiritual path; something we all have a responsibility to uphold in our lives as humans on planet Earth. Make no mistake.

The first is the Ascetic path, whereby one forsakes the material world and becomes a Monk or a Priest with little responsibility and distractions from the outside world. Where their days are consumed by their spiritual education and practice, sipping tea, sweeping the floor, and attending to garden work. The second path is the Tantric path. This path encourages one to live in the material world, but not be OF the material world. Meaning that there is no harm to pursuing great ambitions and purchasing large yachts and fancy sports cars. However, if a spiritual leader such as Jesus Christ was to appear and asked you to leave all these things behind, including your spouse and children, to follow them on an path that has been pre-planned for you; you would have no problem.


Which path do you think comes the easiest and with the least amount of friction and resistance? That is why there are very few spiritual leaders in the mainstream. Most cannot manage the urges of the material world, leading them to behave inauthentically as they try to maintain their illusionary image as “Wise Mystics” and due to cosmic laws of Karma, they are quickly revealed as frauds. Furthermore, if one was to dig around enough, many of them are constantly fighting various allegations behind the scenes around misconduct and unethical behavior. The year 2018 was a significant year for this as the veil was lifted on many highly regarded “teachers” in the international communities.


At Royal Wellness, although this path is the most difficult of the two options listed above, we follow the ancient philosophies of living a Tantric life, which stems from Gnostic Teachings about self-transformation and ascension to higher dimensions. Expecting our clients to jump out of their distinguished lifestyles and dive directly into Monk-hood is unrealistic. Further, we do not encourage and expect anyone to leave their families behind. Quite the contrary. We wish to educate, inspire and compel our clients to consider a calling larger than themselves, for the benefit of themselves and the world at large. All while optimising their relationships and intimacies, growing their careers to new heights and healing their deepest wounds. It is a truly holistic approach.






Now. Let us get back to COVID-19. As I mentioned, what we are going through now and for some time to come, is a collective Dark Night of the Soul. We seem to have been offered a Tantric approach to getting our act together in the past, but we did not honour that privilege. We got lost in the material pleasures of the world. As a result, we lost ourselves. Duality is a hard paradigm to manage for most. One must be a spiritual Warrior to honour the Tantric path. It is not hard to see that the Universe has robbed us from our previous identities to some extent – nearly overnight – and this was done by removing layers of our masks and ego (who we are, what we do, what we own, whom we sleep with, whom we raise, whom we worship, what we are addicted to, what we drive, what we wear, etc). We are now naked on the floor at a rock bottom level. But the good news about hitting rock-bottom is there is nowhere to go but upwards!


We have been thrust into similar “caves” as those who chose to step into Monkhood or Priest-hood under their own volition. It is the highest form of symbolism in my humble opinion. We are all now forced to approach our spiritual developments from the Ascetic path, which is easier – sure – however, much like the life of a Monk or Priest, it is quite unenthusiastic to those not yet ready for it. Unfortunately most of the planet was not ready for such a period of isolation. The evidence can be found online by simply watching the overwhelming amount of home recorded videos showcasing people slowly losing their mental health.


I believe that it is for this reason that many people around the world have either profoundly struggled with this period in time or have emerged as strong new and improved humans, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes. Having been only 3 months since the lockdowns began in early March 2020, one can’t help but notice an instability in the human psyche at the moment, given that many struggled with such confinements. Let’s at least hope that enough people have learned what was needed and can now become beacons of inspiration for those less fortunate during their opportunity to ‘upgrade’.


There is a great divide happening at the moment in consciousness. Take a look around you. People are either waking up to how to live life more consciously or they are becoming worse versions of themselves than they already were. Even though I am not religious, I believe the judgment day referenced to in numerous religious texts around the world has arrived and we now have one last final opportunity to align our minds and hearts to the vibrations of either Love or Hate.


Sometimes I think back to George Lucas and his Star Wars creation amidst all of this and listen to the various statements regarding “The Force” and how it can be tapped for both Good and evil. Quite a symbolic film. Energy doesn’t know the difference between right/wrong or Good/evil, it simply flows where focus goes. The question is, where are you putting your focus these days? And are you sure it’s the vibrational setting you want to have locked in when this transition period on Earth is finished?






I was once described by my best friend as “a disappointed idealist” and it continues to ring True in my heart. To me, Royal Wellness has never been about prestige, fame, or money. It was to do my honest part in helping this world shift into a better place by helping those that wish to align themselves with the New Earth vibrations and begin living a life of health, wellness, and child-like joy and celebration. Regardless of how shameful and regretful they feel about their behaviour in the past.


It is not an individual’s past that defines them but how they change themselves to approach their lives more gracefully moving forward.


For those looking to either mend a painful life or optimise a prosperous one to levels unknown, my team and I have created a truly unique space for you to finally remove your mask as well as the burdens and pressures of society. To feel seen, heard, understood and supported in ways you never knew you deserved. We do this out of unconditional love for all humans regardless of their struggle. Everything in life both internally and externally is energy and our team is particularly gifted at not only re-aligning distressed and misplaced energies but also releasing energetic blocks stemming from early development. Resulting with you having a new strong foundation to build a new house upon. Not only a house. But a Temple. A sanctuary. YOUR SANCTUARY.


What I have set out to create is a truly impeccable service rooted in ancient philosophy, practice and medicines, stemming from regions around the Orient known for the health, happiness and harmony for thousands of years. An experience where distinguished individuals can skip the long ambiguous travel requirements of going deep in the jungle, in an attempt to find authentic masters or make a reservation at a luxury healing centre operating in the retail space, where they risk being caught in a vulnerable and unpleasant public experience. We bring the private and bespoke healing centre experience directly to clients where they feel the most comfortable. Aboard their private yachts surrounded by the raw elements or in the confines of their private Estates amidst lush gardens and mountains.






Everything we do is personalised entirely to each client depending on their specific physical, mental, emotional, and faith-based health interests. No two programmes are alike, ever. Standard health programmes are simply moot as it is irresponsible to think that we all share the same illnesses and thus respond the same to various healing modalities. It is well known that we all share different learning styles, therefore, it can be expected that we all share different healing styles as well. We were all blank canvases at birth, and as a result of life experiences, our adult makeup is now entirely unique.


At Royal Wellness, we take a specific look at what these healing styles are by using some of the most advanced integrative medical protocols such as Bio-Resonance and Bio-Feedback technologies, Quantum Resonance machines, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation bands and many other applications that are extremely progressive and not only fringe but also scientifically supported. Our medical professionals create each personalised health programme using the data collected from the readings and allocate the appropriate practitioners, facilitators and specialists to your retreat programme. These can include medical doctors, nurses, osteopaths, naturopaths, metabolic health experts, mindfulness coaches, burnout prevention mentors, tantric masters, intimacy coaches, sexology bodyworkers, energy workers, sound therapists, FDA-approved psychedelic therapists, and a plethora of other world-class integrative health professionals working with distinguished individuals around the world.



Although Royal Wellness offers yoga and spa services as part of our all-inclusive programmes, it is important to note that what we offer, on the level of integrative health, holistic wellness and functional medicines, is truly unparalleled. Not only in the West but also in the Far East. It is a blend of East meets West, delivered on a golden platter, fit for Royalty.


The type of service that Royal Wellness is positioned to offer those that have rarely had the opportunity to experience such pleasures and rejuvenation, such as Fire Dragon therapy or a Tantric Massage, for example, will leave you in awe physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Many of our healing treatments imprint clients with a newfound sense of bliss, euphoria and ecstasy that many claim have never felt before, either on or off drugs. We simply reply with “welcome to the world of energy work and the brave new paradigm of holistic wellness and integrative medicines!” And usually end with a joke saying “and welcome to the world of free drugs.”



You have Mastered your Outer World.

It is now time to Master your Inner World.

Namaste <3

Jaime Iredale

Jaime Iredale

Founder & Managing Partner | Royal Wellness Group

Jaime is the visionary and founder of Royal Wellness Group; a group of companies in the holistic wellness and transpersonal work space including the Royal Wellness alternative health concierge for SuperYachts and private Estates; SuperYacht Crew wellness retreats based in South East Asia; and soon to be the Royal Wellness Island located in the Gulf of Thailand beside Koh Samui.

Poised to be the new yachting destination for all things wellness, healing, integrative health, natural medicines, spirituality, raw nature, sustainability, eco-thinking, and permaculture farming. Serving as an educational and practical destination for inspiration towards living life consciously, in perpetual balance with nature, both internally and externally.

Being a Gnostic, Jaime’s endeavour is to provide influential individuals with the tools and guidance needed for self mastery and transcendence. Through this deep work, Jaime strongly feels those seeking for Truth, both educationally and practically, will be inspired to make sincere lifestyle changes, that not only benefit them and those around them, but ultimately, the world at large.

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