Converting SuperYachts Into Healing Centres


The Smart Way to Isolate Yourself in 2020 and Beyond




The first wave came far too fast for any of us to respond in ways that provided confidence in securing our freedom and safety, either outside of large cities or out at sea. With an overwhelming amount of credible news sources predicting that COVID-19 will make a comeback as “second and third waves” in the fall and leading up to the new year, how are you planning to spend your time in what appears to be another quarantine headed our way?


Presumably, most fortunate enough to head to the mountains will do so. Some may even charter a SuperYacht for an extended period. But what to do during this time is the question. Most people endured a sincere amount of stress during the recent lockdown. Others had illnesses unattended to that worsened. Arguably, there has been more damage to society – socially, financially and immunity speaking – caused by people remaining in their homes, then being able to go seek medical attention, emotional assistance, and not to mention develop a much-needed herd immunity.


Many coaches and practitioners are taking their offerings online as the world is being reshaped on a scale never seen before. For most people on the planet, their only option these days is to join an online workshop, webinar or lecture. They, unfortunately, do not have the means to entertain having in-person dedicated mentorship on things like stress management and curving anxiety, somatic movement and ergonomically integrity, dietetics and metabolic health, holistic immunity-boosting protocols for fighting viruses, daily holotropic breathwork practices and many other forms of. holistic health management. However, some still have the freedom to consider this type of intimate support.



Those looking to complement their next isolation time with their dedicated team of holistic medical doctors, integrative health professionals and esoteric wellness experts to help turn this period of segregation into a period of self-realisation and transformation. COVID-19 should be looked at as the cocoon that has wrapped the Earth. This applies both on the macro and also the micro.


Yes, that means you!


It is time that you take the next great challenge in life – head on – and set an example for those that look up to you. Without a doubt, you have mastered your outer world. But have you mastered your inner world? Many of us seem to want to change the world by helping to change the outer world. However, as the saying goes:


“If you want to change the world, start with yourself.” – Mahatma Gandhi



Use this sacred time the Universe has given you to appreciate the small things again. To get to know your kids; possibly for the first time. To make undistracted love to your partner again like it was your honeymoon. To slow down both your steps and your breath. And to listen to your body! If only more people took the time to slow down and simply listen to their bodies by tuning into them via meditation, the world would be much healthier and would require fewer physicians.


Regardless if you feel your body is telling you something or not; if what we do appears interesting, fascinating, compelling or seems to offer a potentially life-changing opportunity for you or your loved ones – please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We will start you off with a couple of questionnaires to get a basic understanding of your mental, emotional, physical and faith-based interests and if our relationship feels right for you, we lead you into an intake wellness assessment with one of our holistically medical professionals (M.D.), where everything is safe, confidential and sacred.


Given what you are looking to achieve and what we may also help you see as a potential avenue towards your self-realisation, our medical professionals curate a bespoke integrative health programme for you from the ground up. Once reviewed, acknowledged, and agreed upon; we take over to ensure your private estate, rented boutique hotel or SuperYacht is turned into a private healing sanctuary imported directly from the Orient. Carefully overseen by western medical professionals and directed meticulously by sincere and passionate ownership.






In most cases, things worth having don’t come easy to those that not only could use them, but should. Meaning, if you are seeking a life-changing experience, the Universe may challenge you to see how sincere you are in your request. There have been many stories of foreigners going on great pilgrimages in the Far East to find some long lost mystical temple, and when reaching the sacred site, they are told to either come back – over and over again – or that they are simply not welcome. This is of course not that case, but simply a test to gauge their level of sincerity. These sites are extremely sacred and letting just anyone in, would certainly lead to problems. The same goes for Royal Wellness in a way. We do not close our doors to test our clients, but given COVID-19 has turned the travel industry on its head, the ease at which clients could access our services before, has been hindered for the time being.


However, if there is a will there is always a way! To help with this goodwill towards your higher self and transcendence, we have developed an exclusive travel network allowing you to either summon our team to your Chateau, Estate or Villa or have them rendezvous with you at your chartered or private SuperYacht. This network includes VIP private drivers, private jets and a list of wellness specific SuperYachts located around the world that vary in length, from 40M to 150M, waiting patiently for your embarkment. Such as the stunning 91.50meter long ‘M/Y Tranquility’ designed in partnership between Oceanco and Winch Design. All with varying limitations on capacity, allowing you to gather your entire family together, accommodate your dedicated Royal Wellness team and set out of the open waters – Freedom!



Our available fleet of SuperYachts feature everything from onboard medical bays, bio-hacking clinics including cryotherapy chambers and floatation therapy tanks, elaborate wellness spas that arguably put some of the best hotel spas in the world to shame. Not to mention Turkish saunas that open up via 1-way glass to the outside, allowing you to overlook the Norwegian Alps as you sweat and detox. In my opinion, there is no better platform than a SuperYacht to truly absorb and fully benefit from the raw elements around you. We collaborate with a small network of world’s leading SuperYacht providers such as Camper & Nicholsons, Worth Avenue Yachts, Northrop & Johnson, Edmiston, Hill Robinson, SuperYachts Monaco, TWW Yachts, Ocean Independence as well as the more intimate offices like Morley Yachts, Myachts, Monaco Yachting Agency, IY Yachting (formerly known as Independence Yachts), etc. All of which are ready and eager to help you realise your perfect wellness yachting retreat if a sea-based retreat is preferred over a land-based one.






During this time aboard, you will find yourself participating in daily Zen fitness activities and mindfulness practices to slow down your mind, body and breath, with such practitioners as Daniel Mattalana who has been working with Royal Families in the Middle East for several years. You may also be receiving daily healing bodywork and ergonomically supportive healing treatments by one of our somatic movement specialists, like Gypsy Bast, who also works with Royal Families in the Middle East, as well as in various high-end healing centres around the world.



Your meals may be directly prepared or prepared under the supervision of one of our metabolic health experts, for example, Caroline Bienert or Kate Tyler, both world-renown health expert also working with various Royal Families around the world.



Bi-weekly consultations and educational workshops may also be part of your programmes, such as burnout prevention and stress management 101 with Mason de Chochor, a retired investment banker from Geneva who nearly lost his life due to a terrible burnout. Who is now passionate about helping other like-minded driven individuals maintain their health while pursuing their great ambitions.



Further, depending on your level of interest into really seeing your blindspots in this car ride we call life, we would set you up with our in house resident clairvoyant and spiritual mentor, Caroline Diana Bobart, who from personal experience, will untie all your inner blockages, allowing suppressed emotions, ideas, attachments and many other things that no longer serve you in life, to come rushing out; clearing new space in your inner makeup for all the positive affirmations you are working towards bringing into your life.



Our entire faculty is eager to be of service to you and provides Maritime services exclusively through Royal Wellness and its affiliated sister companies.


I could go on and on, but I hope by now you understand that Royal Wellness is far more than a traditional “wellness” offering. Far more than the basic unintentional yoga practice or passive spa services most likely being offered to you right now by your internal team trying to juggle both this role and 4 others assigned to them. We understand the economics of things, but would you order a replica watch or a yacht made in china? Then how can you expect your stew, maid or beauty specialist to guide you down a sincere path of healing and inner work? Everything we do is carefully conceptualised with the highest regard to your journey, to render a truly purpose-driven wellness holiday experience for you and your loved ones.



We have one the best teams in the world ready to help you emerge from the global cocoon of COVID-19, as a beautiful new butterfly – free again – both externally and most importantly, internally.


If you or anyone you know stands to benefit from simply having a conversation with our team to discuss the positive implications of working with us, we ask that you kindly inform them about our revolutionary platform. Many of us today are too concerned about what others may think of us if we were to seek help. Therefore, do not let silence deter you from simply bringing awareness about our services to someone who is potentially struggling and needs some assistance getting back on the horse of life. Those who are interested yet would rather not mingle with a in-person team due to social distancing preferences, are provided with a Royal Wellness retreat but completed entirely online; following daily regiments, tuning into daily consultations with our practitioners, and reporting their progress to our medical professionals.



With COVID-19 having swept the planet and destabilising the health of both individuals and society as a whole, we are eager to help those that seek to rebuild themselves in a healthy and positive light: Mind, Body and Soul.


You have Mastered your Outer World.

It is now time to Master your Inner World.

Namaste <3

Jaime Iredale

Jaime Iredale

Founder & Managing Partner | Royal Wellness Group

Jaime is the visionary and founder of Royal Wellness Group; a group of companies in the holistic wellness and transpersonal work space including the Royal Wellness alternative health concierge for SuperYachts and private Estates; SuperYacht Crew wellness retreats based in South East Asia; and soon to be the Royal Wellness Island located in the Gulf of Thailand beside Koh Samui.

Poised to be the new yachting destination for all things wellness, healing, integrative health, natural medicines, spirituality, raw nature, sustainability, eco-thinking, and permaculture farming. Serving as an educational and practical destination for inspiration towards living life consciously, in perpetual balance with nature, both internally and externally.

Being a Gnostic, Jaime’s endeavour is to provide influential individuals with the tools and guidance needed for self mastery and transcendence. Through this deep work, Jaime strongly feels those seeking for Truth, both educationally and practically, will be inspired to make sincere lifestyle changes, that not only benefit them and those around them, but ultimately, the world at large.

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