CIA Report on the Ethos of Royal Wellness


Many would agree that we now live in the Age of Information where not only is information in abundance at nearly everyone’s fingertips via mobile devices, but companies are also collecting vast amounts of data on all of us. Needless to say, data and information is the new oil. However, in a world where we are constantly being bombarded by not only static ads, but clever subliminal programming and what some consider misinformation or “disinformation”. Designed to provide the audience with an acceptable amount of truth, yet blended with further manipulations and lies.


Industries such as Oil, Pharma, Education, Military, and many more have always applied such tactics to burry noteworthy discoveries and achievements in the name of protecting IP and profits. This unfortunately hinders are ability to grow and progress as a global community. One such example is Nikola Tesla, a famous Serbian Inventor having discovered wireless free energy and wished for it to be transmitted via his Tesla Coil Towers for free around the world. This posed a threat to his financiers’ interests in electricity distribution via copper wires and efforts were made to discredit his inventions and burry his work forever. [1]. 


… Although I hear they are building a Tesla Coil somewhere in Milford, Texas…[2]


However this is not what we are discussing today. What we are hear to talk about is the suppression of progressive and functional medicines, holistic remedies, frequency healing and the ancient wisdom of spiritual cultures that embraced such healing modalities as preventative forms of medicine, keeping their cultures healthy and vibrant. 



Influential voices in the medical communities have not only attempted to suppress holistic health applications but have pushed for criminalising them if possible. This was made evident when the use or even suggestion of alternative healing forms for maintaining ones immunity and health during COVID-19 were considered “fake news” and deemed punishable by Law. [3]


What is interesting to note is that although such forces may be trying to direct the masses down a single channel of medical knowledge, the C.I.A. has a public library which has published an internal study and report into the ancient power of transcendental meditation, kundalini energy, gateway and hemi-syncing, lamp & laser technologies, resonance and frequency healing, brain stimulations, consciousness and energy, notions around the nature of the conscious reality we live in, and even going as far as discussing the science behind holograms and the time-space dimension.


You can find the full report on the CIA library website here:


Our applications at Royal Wellness may seem “fringe” and our ethos may seem “far out there”, however, given reports such as this, as well as many other published in alternative health journals around the world, we are not only confident in our progressive health solutions but even more so, excited to share these revolutionary techniques and ancient wisdom with you and your loved ones. 


This type of information has been withheld from the masses for far too long. 

And we believe in the ethos of “sharing is caring”.


If you are interested in discovering this brave new world of knowledge, application and celebration – please make sure to reach out to us and we can have a conversation around what esoteric knowledge you are interested in learning or applying to your life. 


You have mastered your outer world. 

Contact us today and start your journey towards your inner mastery. 

Namaste <3





Nikola Tesla, My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla, Hart Brothers, Pub., 1982. Margaret Cheney, Tesla: Man Out of Time, Touchstone, 1981.





Jaime Iredale

Jaime Iredale

Founder & Managing Partner | Royal Wellness Group

Jaime is the visionary and founder of Royal Wellness Group; a group of companies in the holistic wellness and transpersonal work space including the Royal Wellness alternative health concierge for SuperYachts and private Estates; SuperYacht Crew wellness retreats based in South East Asia; and soon to be the Royal Wellness Island located in the Gulf of Thailand beside Koh Samui.

Poised to be the new yachting destination for all things wellness, healing, integrative health, natural medicines, spirituality, raw nature, sustainability, eco-thinking, and permaculture farming. Serving as an educational and practical destination for inspiration towards living life consciously, in perpetual balance with nature, both internally and externally.

Being a Gnostic, Jaime’s endeavour is to provide influential individuals with the tools and guidance needed for self mastery and transcendence. Through this deep work, Jaime strongly feels those seeking for Truth, both educationally and practically, will be inspired to make sincere lifestyle changes, that not only benefit them and those around them, but ultimately, the world at large.

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