Our Team


Our team is built upon professionalism and is composed of a highly experienced and deeply passionate talent pool sourced from around globe; a dedicated upper management team orchestrating your entire bespoke wellness experience; directed by ambitious and visionary ownership.

Our international talent pool consists holistic professionals, alternative therapists, burn out recovery specialists, naturopaths, nutritionists, wellness consultants, detox specialists, plant-medicine workers, as well as a world-class team of  spiritual coaches, mindfulness experts, yoga teachers, energy healers, body workers and various doctors specialising in holistic medicines, bio optimisations, traditional Chinese remedies, Ayurvedic sciences and much more!

Our clients receive the highest quality of comprehensive programmes and treatments by carefully matching their specific health, wellness and faith-based interests with the most experienced English-speaking professionals from around the world. With majority having been born in the West, having studied under the direction of great masters and having attended world-renown institutions in the Far East, we guarantee your Royal Wellness experience is nothing short of authentic excellence.

Royal Wellness helps you summon the highest quality holistic care from around the world, directly to your thrown. Eager to serve your every health, wellness and faith-based interest.

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