Royal Wellness offers a plethora of integrated healing modalities for the mind, body and soul. Applied to heal the underlying causes behind many prevailing physical, mental and emotional concerns in our lives. However, they can oftentimes bring clients to a place of even further desperation before they begin to experience the self-awareness and self-love they have been seeking. Much like the struggle that a butterfly endures during its transformative state in the cocoon.

With this said, depending on the nature of client requests and their commitment to having potential break-throughs, our method can be similar to that of repairing a deviated septum, whereby we must first break the nose for the patient to breath. For this reason, we are highly selective when agreeing to accept new clients and we only chose to work with those that are as passionate about integrated health and wellness as we are. This is to ensure that we maintain our ability to deliver the highest quality experiences to our most deserving clientele.

New clients are required to fill out a detailed application form including a letter of interest expressing their desire in a Royal Wellness experience. New client profiles are assessed by our founding team and holistic doctors to determine levels of sincerity and commitment from each seeker.

Once accepted and a non-refundable deposit to secure the Royal Wellness experience has been made, clients meet with one of our medical professionals for in-depth holistic analysis and consultation. Allowing our team of holistic doctors to create the most impeccable and comprehensive wellness programmes that are carefully crafted around the clients’ unique health goals.

In addition to the initial holistic analysis and consultation, Royal Wellness clients are provided with unconditional support from an assigned holistic doctor, both during and after their signature wellness experience has ended. Serving as a long-term point of contact for clients to confer within times of vulnerability or sensibility.

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