Royal Wellness is the world’s most exclusive holistic health & wellness agency, with a commitment to providing notable individuals and their loved ones with premium, integrated wellness experiences, either aboard their private vessel or within their estate. Boasting purpose-driven holidays via bespoke wellness retreat programmes, that are luxurious, family-friendly, medically-supported, all-inclusive and feature signature healing treatments, energy and bodywork, plant medicine therapies, holistic wellness consultations and nutritious culinary art you can taste the love in, we aim to cover all of your holistic wellness needs.

Our offering differs greatly from basic yoga and spa services as our programmes are uniquely designed to address interests around burnout and stress management; mindfulness and spirituality, body weight and toxicity; anxiety and depression; lack of fulfilment and joy; gilt and forgiveness, traumas and deep memory imprints, relationship and intimacy blocks, performance issues, harmful lifestyle choices, holistic lifestyle mentorship, various forms of addition; and many other burdens clients either accept or face throughout their lives. All of which is achieved through a unique blend of holistic activities, treatments, nutrition, consultations and support drawing on both new-age medicines as well as ancient practices and philosophies

Our programmes serve as a platform for preventative health as opposed to traditional reactionary measures and are designed to inspire compelling positive lifestyle transformations by helping to reprogram the mind for happiness and contentment, rejuvenate the body for optimal health and longevity, and enrich the soul for compassion, love and true self-realisation.

Leaving you feeling like Royalty.

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